Beethoven – Fifth Symphony – Fourth Movement

Probably the most famous piece of classical music ever written, Beethoven’s Fifth in Cm is a fitting tribute and memorial to our greatest ever composer. Premiered in December 1808, the fifth has been mostly remembered outside of classical circles for its five dramatic opening bars, but listening to the complete work gives us the measure of the man and the music.

The fourth movement (Allegro) gets less attention (possibly because it’s at the end of the recordings?!) but I firmly believe that we don’t find an equal to the triumphant declaration of our own humanity until Beethoven himself provides the choral finale in the ninth or the orchestral smashing up of the stage in Tchaikovsky’s 1812.

These are the moments that we listen to music for. Kurt screaming “A Denial”, Punk trying to fight the audience, Metal kids crying at emotional overdose, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Folk, they all have them and it’s our job to recognise and document them.

Hear the fourth of the fifth here (and the 1812 here) (and Nirvana here (full here)) (and Fatboy Slim here)

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