World Music Research – Gamelan – 2

For the World Music Research I am to comment on two pieces from my chosen genre, Indonesian Gamelan.

The second offering is also from the ‘Jasmine Isle’ CD: “Senbung Gilang

We start in broadly the same fashion as we heard in Tjatrik but we very soon hear a distinctly different approach and style to the form. There are two distinct melodies being played, one clearly in the upper register instruments and the other in the lower. It’s not how we in the West would understand Bass and Treble instruments as neither seems to support, lead or depend on the other at all.

Approximately a third of the way through, the composition increases in tempo for another minute or so then slows for another protracted ritardando section giving the whole a very satisfactory feeling of Beginning, Middle and End.


One thought on “World Music Research – Gamelan – 2

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