World Music Research – Gamelan – 1

For the World Music Research I am to comment on two pieces from my chosen genre, Indonesian Gamelan.

The first is “Tjatrik” from the CD “The Jasmine Isle – Javanese Gamelan Music

It opens in an almost conventional Western manner with an obvious introduction by a metallophone from one of the families mentioned in my previous piece, announcing the piece and bringing the other instruments in. By the time we are one minute in the main structure has been established and we can start to move around the sound and hear the contributions from the various players. The repetitively hypnotic melody is punctuated by a number of untuned percussion instruments which sound a bit further back in the overall mix and are not the least bit overbearing. We finish with a ritardando section that one might hear in any Western music and an imperfect cadence that keeps the tension up nicely.

This is the sound that one frequently hears when we wish to conjure up feelings of “The East” like in this charming piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto, as much by the intervals used as the timbre of the instruments themselves.

Click here to go to the second Gamelan piece.


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