Got Jazz?

What is it about Jazz that just doesn’t float my boat? I’ve tried, really I have but I just don’t “get” it. Maybe it really is just the irritating bass player that can’t stick to one scale.

It’s no good saying “It’s Jazz man, it’s free”. We have form and structure in music as in other things for a reason. One wouldn’t design a revolutionary light bulb with a fitting that didn’t go into the standard socket “because it’s free”. No, we need at least some rules otherwise the thing stops being the thing and starts becoming something else.

I’ll persevere. I’ll start slow with Weather Report and George Benson. I have a copy of The Birth of the Cool on vinyl. Maybe that’ll help.

You might not have heard this. It’s Zakk Wylde playing with Ozzy from the No More Tears album: S.I.N. A truly great guitarist.


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