Hi and welcome to the learning (b)log for my journey through the OCA course “Music – From the present to the past”.

My name’s Matt and as I work through the syllabus I should be populating this site with relevant content for review by myself, my coursemates and my tutor, Douglas Seville.

My interests in music have been many and varied (more of which later) having grown up with choral music at school while becoming a devotee of Electronica, New Wave and Punk at home. I progressed through Folk and Folk Rock, Prog, Metal, Grunge and Baroque and now find myself (almost back where I started) with Scandinavian Electronica by performers such as Sigur Ros and The Knife alongside a healthy serving of Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Handel.

I’ve played guitar and bass most of my life but now find myself drawn helplessly toward audio production and the presentation of the musical soundscape to the listener. Like most people, I have a sound in my head that I’d like to try and realise.

I’ll keep you updated regarding my progress.

Please note that as I post text I’ll try to provide hyperlinks to external content that I feel might be useful or interesting. These will probably open a new window so please keep an eye out for underlined (or differently coloured) words or phrases as I might also be using external pages to clarify a point, especially musical examples.

This site is best viewed using Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.

For now, have a lovely offering from PCOPerpetuum Mobile


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